Meery 2018-12-15 12:31:04
Never been used, still in wrap/box. JPY42,000
Jess1994 (2018-12-30 12:48:43)
I am currently living in Rusutsu and I am very interested in this snowboard.
Is it still available?
Thank you,
Meery (2018-12-31 10:25:39)
Hi @jess1994
Yes, the board is still available.
I am in Tokyo until the 2nd but we can meet when i'm back if you're interested in purchasing. I am based in lower Hirafu.

Jess1994 (2019-01-01 03:02:53)
Okay! I have the 3rd off work, is it okay if I caught the bus to you that day to get the board?
Also, would you be willing to sell the board for 36,000 yen cash in hand?
Thank you!
Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimas :)
Jess1994 (2019-01-03 02:51:30)
Hello @Meery
Currently in Hirafu, if you’re free today!
Thank you
Meery (2019-01-03 04:16:52)
Hi @Jess1994
Meery (2019-01-03 04:19:24)
I am just getting on a flight from Tokyo to return to Niseko. I had some delays but can still meet tomorrow if you like. Also, I sometimes ride at Rusutsu so I could bring it to you...
However, price is already really good and the board is brand new, still in the plastic and under warranty.