Yuwen 2019-05-31 23:33:28
Leaving Niseko this summer. Will be available from June 27th or 26th. -97000 km -winter and summer tires -winter and summer wipers -shaken until End of August 2020 -accessories included (phone dock, de-icer, ice scraper, car vacuum etc) 120000 yen for sale :")
AndyCheng95 (2019-06-04 06:57:50)
How much would it cost to rent from june 2019 to March 2020?
ccctdan (2019-08-03 10:14:28)
HI please get in touch. I am interested to buy it I am a Canadian and just bought a place in Niseko. Please let me know.
calvinlim421 (2019-10-28 10:49:44)
Hi i am interested in this car. May i know how do i contact you?