Sambaillie 2019-07-29 11:10:14
I have x2 Category B tickets for the Australia vs Fiji Game at 13.45 on September 21 at Sapporo Dome and x3 Category A and x6 Category B tickets for the England vs Tonga game at 19.15 on September 22, also at Sapporo Dome. The tickets were purchased as part of the 'Sapporo Pack' which for some reason the RWC website doesnt allow to be resold through their own website. Happy to sell at face value. Please contact me on thanks Aus vs Fiji Septemeber 21 Sapporo Dome - x 2 category B tickets Y15,000 each England vs Tonga September 22 Sapporo Dome - x3 category A tcikets Y20,000 each; x6 Category B tickets Y15,000 each