conniekuo13 2019-07-02 00:34:59
1. GAP toddler down-fill jumpsuit 一件式幼兒羽絨雪裝 size: 18M- 24M 約一歲半至兩歲 Not used item 全新品 sale price: 3500 yen 2. THE NORTH FACE toddler fleece trouser gallus 冬季抓毛絨幼兒吊帶褲 size: 90cm used item, in good and clean condition. 九成新 sale price: 2000 yen 3. ANPANMAN GACHA capsule toy 麵包超人扭蛋玩具 (about 24x 30x 20 cm) used item, 5 capsule balls included. well- functioned 八成新 sale price: 1500 yen able to see items first around supermarket LUCKY. if you are interested in buying or see, please email or call 080-6098-0934 thank you!