digglar 2009-05-28 15:44:17
Now with sunshine added! (hopefully) 3 pitch softball again Teams made up that morning Fun Fun Fun! Register at derek@nisekotourism.com BYO-whatever but food wil be available on site. Let the summer games begin! GOT GAME? 2nd Annual Spring Softball Classic 第2年に一度の春のソフトボールクラシック Sunsports Field-Sunday July 5th 7月5日日曜日のSunsports分野 9am start- games from 10am 3 pitch mixed softball tournament
digglar (2009-05-29 10:11:01)
Does anyone have pics from last year- rugby as well- need for some promotions- cheers.
allriot (2009-05-29 11:29:20)
photos of that lass from the rugby would be great - y'know the the one with her running down the field with in her underwear?
digglar (2009-05-29 11:53:29)
Greatest moment of my rugby playing career.
digglar (2009-06-22 15:46:38)