Kutchan Information Exchange 2016-03-03 07:50:58
Every ten seconds a human being dies because of alcohol. Big alcohol claims they promote "responsible" consumption, while its "...use causes cancer – and is therefore not healthy. There is no “safe” amount of alcohol use." Spending billions to buy out the media and cover up their role in violence, disease, and other problems, while taking advantage of everyday people. "The alcohol industry makes a concerted and conscious effort to associate consumption of alcohol with sport and health, luck, propsperity, tradition, and good manners – all to perpetuate the myth that alcohol is normal, common and healthy." In reality: "Alcohol use is related to unemployment, loss of productivity, violence, suicide, child abuse, diseases and addiction, and poverty."
Chishiki (2016-03-03 07:57:40)
I did the Dry January thing, I felt a million times better. "Hey liver! There you are. Welcome home, buddy." Lost weight, had more energy, didn't catch any winter colds. Morning wood, the works.

In striking contrast, I am drunk as I write this.
Kutchan Information Exchange (2016-03-03 09:41:23)
Apparently most people drink because there's nothing else to do wherever they live.