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Quick reminder to everyone to hop on their bikes this Wednesday when coming to work- just by doing so you can win fantastic prizes! Thanks to everyone who has already signed up and joined in- we have a lot of companies and staff involved from Hirafu , Kutchan and Niseko town, so it should be a great community event. If you haven`t yet signed up, it`s not too late. Just email info@nisekobikeweek.com or fax your name to 0136 -21 2553. It`s free and fun - so join today!
digglar (2009-09-01 13:34:01)

some serious swag- including-

Meal vouchers at snazzy local restaurants

Kids Bikes

Stays at swanky condos and big hotels

clothes, gear and more.

make sure you are registered today!
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Niseko Cycle Week 2009
Bike To Work Prize Winners

A great day and fantastic weather helped make Bike to Work a huge success this year. Promoting healthy and ecological living in our area, the over 20 companies and organizations and over 100 cyclists participating helped make this event a true cornerstone of Niseko Cycle Week and we can look forward to even bigger numbers next year!

A huge thanks to all our sponsors for this event as well- your generous prize donations are greatly appreciated and we encourage everyone to support these great local businesses!

And now for the winners-

[b]Annupuri Village Deluxe Accomodation 2 night Stay Grand Prize-[/b]
Krishna Kumar Niraula from SAS
[b]Niseko Management Service Deluxe Accomodation 2 night Stay Grand Prize-[/b]
Sugawara Kenji from the Kutchan Town Office
[b]Groove Cycles Bike Pack-[/b]
Tadashi from SkiJapan
[b]Childrens Bikes (2)-[/b]
Kutchan Town Office ( most participants)
[b]Black Diamond Lodge 1000 yen food vouchers-[/b]
Paprinda Tamang- SAS
Nakashima Kiyoshi- Tokyu Resort
Ashley Nichols – Holiday Niseko
[b]Down Town Café 1000 yen Food Vouchers[/b]
Ginjirou Sato – Yoshida Sato Solicitors
Miwa Kumagai- NMS
Komatsu Yasushi- Hokkaido Prefectural Office
[b]Niseko Cycle Week T shirts[/b]
Takehi Junko- Hokkaido Prefectural Office
Oliver Sparks- NMS
Kawahigashi Hidekazu- Kutchan Town Office
[b]Continental Airlines Shirts[/b]
Kinoshita Yuzo- NAC
Renato Shimizu- Sas
Ishikawa Takeshi- Kutchan Town Office
Kaneko Maki- Kutchan Town Office
[b]5 kg Potato[/b]
Mayo Yamamoto- LJ Hooker

Winners can pick up their prizes at the Niseko Cycle Week BBQ held this Sunday the 6th of September in front of the Alpen Hotel from 2 pm or anytime after Sunday from the Niseko Tourism office located above the Welcome Centre in Hirafu.

Congratulations to all the winners and see you again next year!
digglar (2009-09-02 17:36:59)





特賞 アンヌプリビレッジデラックス宿泊券(2泊)

Krishna Kumar Niraula 様 (SAS)

特賞 ニセコマネージメントサービスデラックス宿泊券(2泊)-

菅原 康二 様(倶知安町役場)

グルーブサイクル バイクパック-

竹原 直志 様(SkiJapan)




Paprinda Tamang 様 (SAS)

中嶋 潔 様 (東急リゾート)

Ashley Nichols 様 (Holiday Niseko)


佐藤 銀次郎 様 (吉田聡司法書士事務所)

熊谷 美和 様(NMS)

小松 靖 様 (後志支庁)


竹樋 順子 様(後志支庁)

Oliver Sparks 様 (NMS)

川東 秀一 様 (倶知安町役場)


木下 裕三 様 (NAC)

Renato Shimizu 様 (SAS)

石川 毅 様 (倶知安町役場)

金子 麻紀 様 (倶知安町役場)

じゃがいも5 kg

山本 麻瑛 様(LJ Hooker)