digglar 2009-07-01 17:23:21
First non- canadian to get these right can come by BDL after 8 tonight and Ill buy them a beer. [b] CANADA QUIZ[/b] 1) What is a Canadian Tuxedo? 2) Which band is not from Canada? Rush Motorhead Tragically Hip Steve Miller Band 2) Bob and Doug __________? 3) Which province are you most likely to find Poutine? 4) who is this?     http://img.thesun.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00413/GSP_682x400_413551a.jpg   5) Name a Canadian actor.    
Admin (2009-07-01 17:36:14)
I know 2 (hoser) but is 5 a trick question? I thought there were all from Canada?
digglar (2009-07-01 17:41:26)
nice Canadian counting system by me there


5) no -only the good ones.
Admin (2009-07-01 17:58:15)
hoser was referring to 2b. poutine sounds suspiciously french... whatever it is i think that gives away its provincial origin. the first actors i thought of were either dead or have parkinson's...?
digglar (2009-07-02 10:22:18)

1) jeans, jean jacket, flannel shirt

2a)Steve Miller Band

2b) Mackenzie


4) gsp- the great George St. Pierre

5) all other answer except William Shatner are lame.

Ryan Reynolds
Michael Cena
Keanu Reeves
Jim Carrey