Black Diamond 2009-11-25 20:48:53
Greetings from Locally owned and operated auto sales and rentals. Life in Niseko is so much better with a set of wheels. We are a licenced auction dealer and can get you anything from a beater to a Benz. Drop us a line at [img size=640][/img]
Black Diamond (2009-12-05 10:40:19)
Just thought I'd let everyone know, if you want a vehicle for the season and you'd like us to purchase one through us please get on it. The high season is quickly approaching and I will not be able to help after that.
Black Diamond (2010-10-12 12:46:46)
It's that time of year again and I have what you want!
4wd vehicles from 150,000yen. You know you deserve it.
short and long term rentals available too.
Chishiki (2010-10-12 12:59:50)
what's up with [url=]this one[/url]? condition? shaken? total delivery price to Niseko? cheers!
Black Diamond (2010-10-15 09:10:54)
That is a Landcruiser HJ61 4.0L direct injection turbo-diesel (then replaced by the HJ81). Awesome vehicles but pricey and unfortunately this one is now in Canada. Cruisers hold their value and recently have gone up in $$$. They are one collector vehicle that you can actually drive without it depreciating too much.
Black Diamond (2010-11-28 18:55:04)
Have a couple of cheapos that will get you through the season and one badass camping hiace. good on fuel and in great mechanical condition. [url][/url] you can flip through the photos by clicking this icon above the pics 次
barrycparker (2010-11-30 20:19:56)

We are living in Kutchan and think it may be better to get a car. rather than relying on the bus system. the cost of it will add up after a while...
Interested in a car or this van? what is the price?

please let me know if you have anything available.