roaming 2009-10-29 11:50:19
Pelican Burger will be closing for the winter this year from November 4th until the spring! Closing special Nov. 1, 2 and 3 - Pelican Classic Burger and fries for ¥500! You can still find us at Gyu Bar opening on Dec.1 :) Thanks!!!! [img size=200][/img]
Chishiki (2009-11-01 23:50:03)
Maybe I'll see you Tuesday. How late are you open?
roaming (2009-11-03 10:49:10)
Today is our last day for the season!!

OPEN : 11 am

Hope to see you !!!!

Thanks to everyone that came in on Sunday and Monday!! We sold out both days and were really happy to see you!!

roaming (2009-11-03 18:25:05)
Thanks for coming today !! We are now closed until the spring (May?).

See you at Gyu+ this winter! :)
Chishiki (2009-11-04 03:14:13)
Sorry I missed it, will catch up with y'allz at Gyu