digglar 2008-12-09 18:08:59
...please lick my dirty,hairy ballsack. Today- -all 4 people I passed as i ran ignored my wee nod. One dude turned and spat. -at the hospital, I went to ask a old folks home worker a question, and she closed the door and shut the window as i approached. This is not a rant against Japan.Niseko-cho rocks. Just these inbred fuckers. I hope you all die of pachinko-induced epilisy,complicated by an allergic reaction to tracksuit polymers. Rant over. Diggs out. (drops mike)
That Chick From Logistics (2008-12-09 18:59:15)
It's funny. I've always thought that the Japanse people in Kutchan and Niseko were a lot more stand-offish and suspicious of foreigners then anywhere else I've been in Japan. I've lived in Tokyo as well as in towns with like 500 people in the middle of nowhere. You'd think having foreigners around all the time would get them used to us, but it seems to have the opposite effect here. People here seem less inclined to smile, less inclined to reciprocate a greting, and less inclined to have a conversation. Most of them cheered when the AUD tanked, with a smug I-told-you-so look on their faces. Who knows, maybe they think they've been invaded. If that is the case, then piss on em and all hail the Aussie Occupiers!
legacy (2008-12-10 12:25:49)
Jeez... between this thread and the [url=http://kutchannel.net/next/en/forum?func=view&catid=2&id=210]seasonal staff suck[/url] one, who does that leave us with? The only decent people in this town are the fulltime all-season foreign residents? I appreciate what you both are saying. Them's the breaks though.

I recently visited NY and I was punched by a bike messenger on the Brooklyn Bridge, apparently I was in his way or something. My sister called it an assault, I just found it amusing, my "Welcome to NY" moment. I screamed a few choice words at the guy but he didn't return to face the music. Cyclists are all wusses, I don't care how many tattoos they have. My sister's a kick-boxer, so pretty sure I could have let her handle him. Woulda made a good youtube video.
Gtrain (2008-12-11 20:06:41)
Things are getting tense....more snow needed......

Oh by the way, hi guys, I'm back
legacy (2008-12-11 20:07:55)
Def. If dude is jogging that means there's no snow whatsoever. Welcome back, G!!! Was wondering where you'd gone.
Admin (2008-12-11 20:18:11)
Sorry guys, received an "Offensive Post" complaint. I am locking this post down. Everybody in town has read it already anyway ;) Thanks for understanding. Please [url=http://kutchannel.net/next/en/contact]contact me[/url] with any questions, concerns, or feedback.