digglar 2009-08-18 10:43:13
Last year , the invading hordes from Sapporo ( assisted by some turncoats) came into our fair village and stole away [b]OUR[/b] wee badger... This Sunday we win it back! The Touch Rugby Tournament is back this year, this time at Yotei no Sato rugby grounds ( behind the soba place at the lights leading into Kutchan) and we would like to field 2 teams help take back what is rightfully ours! This year the weather has sucked so we haven`t been able to practice much but no matter- we will have a run on Wednesday night at 6 at the Sunsports land- decide teams and strategy and win the day! WOMENS PLAYERS ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGED AS THEIR TRIES COUNT FOR DOUBLE!!!! nisekofc@gmail.com
Gaian Mind (2009-08-18 17:08:12)
What time's practice tomorrow night Derek?
digglar (2009-08-18 17:39:45)
530 if you can make it

6 for sure.

Dunno who you are- but go you good thing!
digglar (2009-08-18 17:41:57)
Penny wants the wee badger back-

[b]DO YOU?[/b][size=5][/size]
Gaian Mind (2009-08-18 17:48:24)

I'll make sure I play for the [b]right[/b] team this time!;)
digglar (2009-08-19 15:14:45)
on the weekend of the 3rd Bledisloe September 19th- postponed

due to...
wait for it...

This rain storm that going to smash us.

Let`s make it hap`n cap`ns!
Chishiki (2009-08-19 15:17:22)
Yotei no Sato being a little over-protective of their field, eh?
Gaian Mind (2009-08-19 15:35:50)
Damn.. stay home and shave my armpits it is then.

Not sure we'll get a dryer surface the next couple of days - May have to bite the bullet and just get out there for a sloppy run-around in bare feet.