roaming 2009-11-20 09:59:41
Yesterday the house next to 711 (the one near the Co-Op) burnt down. Huge flames engulfed the building. It was the main building for the owners paint company. Everyone was safe - the owner who lives alone was out at the time. The 711 was a little burnt on the side, but nothing serious. All the other houses were fine. Just a reminder to check your stoves - (i think he had a wood burning stove - maki) before you head out for the day!!
roaming (2009-11-20 10:16:44)
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roaming (2009-11-20 10:18:45)
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digglar (2009-11-20 14:40:46)
Yeah property in kutchan destroyed-
over 300$ worth of damage done.

whoops what?

That Chick From Logistics (2009-11-20 15:27:37)
On the note of fires caused by ill-maintained wood burning stoves and glowing white-hot kerosene stoves thoughtlessly placed near children and curtains throughout Hokkaido, I humbly present to the people of Japan a little White Man's Magic called... [url=]Central Heating[/url]. Yes. It can be used in buildings smaller than middle schools. Shocking.