tdes 2009-09-16 16:48:06
Mazda Bongo Van 1997 Shaken: Valid until 14 November 2009 1800 CC 150,000 kms Manual 4WD 50,000 yen Call Yon for more info: 080 3294 2502
tdes (2009-09-16 17:14:40)
This is what Bongo-chan looks like:

Can't manage to post the pic here :(
tdes (2009-09-22 12:42:03)
I forgot to mention ... we are leaving Japan on Sunday to live in NZ for a while. So, if anyone is interested in buying Bongo-chan it will need to be done by Friday at the latest.
If you want to come and have a look/a drive etc, you can come today or tomorrow morning :)