ezosan 2011-05-13 12:44:20
Some good news for Niseko that should be welcomed by locals and visitors -- the foreign real estate agents and developers have come together for the first time to address a key aestheic issue hanging over Niseko the past few years: the proliferation of large FOR SALE signs about the town. Nothing is final, but it appears there is broad support for a proposal to replace the large FOR SALE signs around the village, at least for the coming summer, with smaller A3-size signs, and limit the number to 7 signs per real estate company in Yamada. Developers would be allowed one sign per development, with size limitations. Signs on trees would be prohibited and a maximum of 1 sign per telephone pole would apply. The FOR SALE signs might be an effective way for agents and developers to gain presence but too many of them in such a limited space actually cheapens the value of the real estate by sending the message "town for sale." They spoil the visitor experience for both Japanese and Foreigners, not to mention local residents. Reducing the size is a long way from an ideal solution. But it is encouraging that the agents recognize the problem and are taking steps to address the issue collaboratively. Again, nothing has been finalized but fingers crossed for a successfull outcome that could lead to new collaborative initiatives.