That Chick From Logistics 2009-02-08 02:15:37
Hello everyone. I understand that there are lots of rumours flying about Niseko regarding losing jobs and things. I've already been told to pack my bags, so let me assure you, they are not rumours. If the number of cars for sale is any indicator, I'm thinking half the town might be packing up. The economy is taking its toll on local businesses. Being a shameless capitalist myself, I fully understand the need to let people go when times are hard, and I do not hold it against any employer, [i]provided they don't screw their employees while doing so[/i]. As a foreigner in Japan, you may not be familiar with your rights. Here's a primer on the things you need to do when you get let go: [ul] [li]When you are being terminated, get a signed (sealed) and dated dismissal notice. At least one local employer is renowned for retroactively dating these, for good reason: they don't want to pay you what they owe you. [u]You are entitled to one month's wages from the day you are notified that you are going to be let go[/u]. [b]Check the date![/b][/li] [li]Get your last month's wage! They can have you work right up to one month from when they notified you that you will be terminated, but don't let them tell that you are fired tomorrow and dropkick you in the arse on the way out the door with nothing to show for it.[/li] [li]Get a separation notice: 離職証明書 (rishokushoumeisho)[/li] [li]Get a certificate of release: 退職証明書 (taishokushoumeisho)[/li] [li]Get your income tax witholding slip: 源泉徴収表 (gensenchoushuuhyou)[/li] [li]Get your social insurance pension information.[/li] [li]Get your unemployment identification card.[/li] [/ul] Some employers will threaten to take away your visa if you don't agree to waive these rights. No employer has the authority to do that. Only immigration can do that, and is almost unheard of unless you are convicted of a crime. Your employer will threaten to call immigration. Immigration will not get involved, trust me. Don't be fooled by some shady local gaijin CEO who has spent more than a decade in Japan finding ways to take advantage of ignorant foreigners like yourself. If anybody gives you a hard time, go to the Kutchan or Niseko town office and ask them the best way to file a complaint. I suspect that it involves going to the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (kouseiroudoushou) office in Otaru, but I'm not 100%. They may not be able to help you right away, but Japanese bureaucrats are nothing if not thorough. Best of luck. I'll miss Niseko...
Gtrain (2009-02-26 16:27:38)
Oface I am sorry to hear that. Are you leaving Niseko??

Did your employer give you grief?
That Chick From Logistics (2009-02-28 13:55:12)
Yes, he did, and I'm reasonably confident he will do it to all of his other employees too, which is why I posted. I also heard about others around town who were summarily let go due to the downturn. When the pie shrinks this fast people show their true colours!
Chishiki (2009-08-12 13:41:08)
UP for the recent casualties