digglar 2008-11-12 20:55:32
was gonna shut it down for winter but I think I ( and others) would miss their daily crossfits. Any suggestions where to put it- Kutchan good too- the cheaper the place the better- preferably witha bit more floor space- other wise may move to the sports center but their hours suck. any ideas before next weekend? nisekofc@gmail.com if you can think of anything.
legacy (2008-11-13 11:22:41)
How about working out in a garage? There was one posted [url=http://kutchannel.net/next/en/classifieds/20-nisekorealestate/9-garage-in-hirafu-available-to-let]HERE[/url]? Never know... 15000 but might be worth it to have that location in the middle of the village if you go in on it with a few friends.
digglar (2008-11-13 12:57:46)
2 metres is too low - thanks for the idea though!