digglar 2009-09-10 16:30:41
cuz he is AWESOME! Happy Birthday Woodley, you car eating, shoe chewing, butter stealing, high energy having, bed snuggling wee rockstar you! [img size=226]http://niseko.kutchannel.net/images/fbfiles/images/woodley_pup.jpeg[/img]
Chishiki (2009-09-10 16:52:40)
What kind of dog?

There were so many dogs in the village recently, I thought it was Niseko Dog Week. I was going to recommend we have one until one of said dogs mugged a little kid at the opening ceremony, then it occurred to me...

THAT'S IT! Crying Kid Week. You know how they have that ceremony where sumo wrestlers make kids cry? We could do that too... with gaijin and dogs. Dogs that wear clothes and gaijin that don't are not qualified to participate.
Gtrain (2009-09-10 22:38:01)
I love dogs,but i couldn't eat a whole one!
Jaws42 (2009-10-05 21:39:40)
Just stop upsetting the local's in Niseko-cho.

No dogs on the grass! Im still bemused by this one.