digglar 2008-11-24 21:14:58
Perrins idea at the Kutchan/Niseko Town gym One night a week Five man teams Like rugby- girls goals count double. Sound Good? Locals cards are almost there btw.
allriot (2008-11-25 10:48:51)
good on ya Sheriff.

there is a league/kick aroung that happens already - maybe we could join them?
Rosbif (2008-12-05 08:25:57)
I was talking to some guys about this the other day, there would def be enough guys in NBS/Ski Japan for a team. Any news on getting this going?
digglar (2008-12-05 11:15:57)
trying to get a night- Mondays perhaps-

at the moment- they are being a bit cryptic but should know this week end.

fingers crossed
That Chick From Logistics (2008-12-05 12:27:44)
[video type=youtube]mzo0In6JblU[/video]