Horace 2009-10-01 10:12:19
Lots of bugs about lately, those stinky kamemushi remind me of stinky blowies. Whatever happened to that fly?
Chishiki (2009-10-01 22:56:01)
'Tis the season!

I used to use my vacuum cleaner on those kamemushi, rendered it pretty much useless stunk so bad. I was just too lazy to get them proper ie: use sticky side of tape to apprehend without crushing.

3 years ago was a particularly bad kamemushi year. Can anybody clarify the old-timers tales? Do copious kamemushi really portend tons of pow this winter?

I don't remember 3 years ago working out that way...
coach (2009-10-01 23:15:59)
think with the cool summer, the stinkbugs didn't really come out, not sure if that is a good omen or not for pow. as for any flies, haven't even seen any of them this year, maybe they are all in Aus for the Hokkaido summer?
Chishiki (2009-10-01 23:47:44)
coach: you still in Niseko? owe you beer!
Horace (2009-10-05 11:46:53)
For any annoying bugs you can't beat violence [img size=300]http://niseko.kutchannel.net/images/fbfiles/images/103218_squashed_fly.jpg[/img]
coach (2009-10-05 20:55:44)
hey chishiki, coach is still here but winding up the retirement tour, be in niseko for a couple more weeks here. horace, the snow bugs haven't arrived yet, hopefully the flies stay away and the white gold falls soon...