AJB2009 2010-04-19 08:58:25
Is there anyone around Kutchan, Hirafu or Niseko area who offers Japanese Language tutoring at reasonable rates? Or even a Japanese Language course that anyone can recommend in the area. Thank you email: birkensh@aol.com
bull (2010-04-20 10:35:52)
there is a old lady in Kutchan on the main stree from the Eki on the left hand side near the flower shop 3000 yen per hour
Chishiki (2010-04-22 18:16:14)
It is good to see people wanting to learn the language and experience the culture. I think local companies should require their foreign staff to take classes, and I'm pretty sure there'd be a business opportunity in that too for an enterprising group of locals. It would go a long way towards helping integrate the resort with Kutchan, win-win all around.