digglar 2010-03-17 20:22:27
Niseko Local Shirts - Brought to you by Project Eightch and my terrible sense of humour. If you like these- we should be friends. If you hate / are offended by them - you shoulda seen the originals! Will be available in a week- super limited numbers. couple of different colours- if you ain`t local, you can`t buy them! Lemme know if you want one and what size, either through here or the usual nisekofc@gmail.com digglar [img size=138]http://niseko.kutchannel.net/images/fbfiles/images/viewer.png[/img] thats as big an image as I can figure out. Basically- a picture of the fuhrer himself with a caption that says " the snowbanks were this high! " as he gives a sieg hiel with the german for awesome underneath and niseko local 09/10 across the bottom. also available in blue.
Admin (2010-03-19 13:19:40)
I'll take one biggest size available, I don't want a Japanese-size muscle shirt :S Any color OK!