digglar 2009-10-07 10:00:27
There is a meeting at NOASC (River base) this Sunday 5:30pm for persons interested in having their kids play Rugby Union, next year. Persons who are keen to help with coaching and other club activities, are also invited to attend the meeting. Two representatives from the Hokkaido Rugby Association will be present at the meeting, so all your questions should be able to be answered. It is anticipated that, Rugby training will be held on the fields next to the Kutchan pool one afternoon through the week, and on a Sunday morning for the kids, for starters. The initial goals for all players will be fitness, individual skills, understanding the rules of the game, and lots of fun. As the kids develop, more team play, and strategies can be taught to them. There will be several mini games held in Otaru (mainly) or Sapporo (Jozankei) through out a season starting in April and ending in October. I expect several teams to also travel to Kutchan, or Hirafu to play some practice games throughout the season. I am also hoping to have some extra practice sessions with schools and club teams that come to Hirafu on Rugby camps throughout summer. Kids rugby is played with decreased numbers per side, 5, 7, 9 persons, etc, and my philosophy is the everyone gets to play and have fun. The kids have to wear head gear and use a mouth guard. There is a tag rugby (touch) league and a normal league. The Japanese system is based off the Australian system, with some rule changes. With regards to who plays with limited numbers, the kids that come to training are considered first. When the team, as a team decides to try and win, then the more skilled players may get more time on the field, as compared to others. The main goal as kids is having fun. I expect to be able to take the kids to and from these games in one of NOASC’s 25 seater buses. If you are interested in helping or having your children play please attend. Thanks, Ross Carty.