tdes 2009-03-28 18:51:24
Just letting everyone know ... tdes held a Japanese lesson for beginners every Sunday this season - and tomorrow is the last lesson for the season. It was being held in Samurai Bar, but now that Samurai Bar has closed for the season, it's in Powderlife Cafe (in Australia House, opposite Seicomart) in Hirafu. If anyone who came to the lessons is reading this - thanks for coming! We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed meeting all the people who came. I hope you tried out the Japanese you learnt and it made your holiday in Niseko even more enjoyable :) Final lesson: Sunday 29th March 2009 4-5pm More info: Or call Sarah: 080 3294 2507 Cheers :cheer:
Six8ten (2009-03-30 11:29:21)
I wanted to go, but was unable to make it. Perhaps next year.