digglar 2010-04-16 17:18:45
The Gym is OPEN again in the Bunker. This week is the last chance to get locked in at the low price of 3,000 yen a month before the rates go up Gym Features Include- Cardio Equipment Free Weights Mat Space Combatives Equipment Crossfit Training Apparatus and Programs Yoga Swiss Ball and Plyometrics Group Classes Personal Training and much more! This is the best set up and best location we have ever had and the next few months look to be cold and miserable. So get in and get started to a new you today.
digglar (2010-04-29 16:18:47)
Gym groups we are looking to start for May-

Beginner Yoga -to go with regular yoga
Kids Fitness/Chibi Wrestling
Golf Strength and Conditioning
Beginner Grappling and Striking
Mums and Bubs Fitness /Yoga

along with what is already on offer.
But first we need you!

So come down or sign up through nisekofc@gmail.com and get your asses in gear people!

ps - Miekle - the countdown is on....