roaming 2009-05-16 17:29:48
[img size=360][/img] Hi everyone, Im sure many of you living in the area might have noticed that the wonderful little Le Cochon in Kutchan is closed. Sadly, the owner's wife is sick and they have had to close up shop suddenly. For those of you who have not had the chance to go to the restaurant, it is in the main restaurant district, across the street from Be. and Bagus Cafe. The owner is going to be putting the shop up for sale - the details are just being organized at the moment and we will be making a flyer in both english and japanese to pass out to anyone interested. The building itself is rented, but everything else is owned by Le Cochon (ie equipment, shop items etc). Ideally he would like to sell the whole shop with everything included. If you know of anyone interested, or would like more information, please contact us - Thanks so much. Ioanna & Hisashi Pelican Burger, Kutchan 0136-55-7755
tdes (2009-05-18 15:03:00)
:( That's sad to hear. I hope she is OK.
Chishiki (2009-05-19 12:51:51)
That really is too bad. I heard nothing but good reviews about that place. Please keep us posted regarding the proprietor's health and the details of the sale of the business.
roaming (2009-05-22 16:12:30)
Thanks for your posts! Here is the poster for the sale:
[img size=377][/img]