KimBishop 2019-01-17 05:49:43
Locals - After a few requests, I've decided to get back in the chair and start counselling again. I'm looking for a small & cosy room that I could use for sessions. A quiet space would be great but I've worked in some pretty noisy rooms before and can definitely work with a little background noise. The room does however need to be somewhere that is a closed space for privacy and confidentiality reasons, i.e. has a proper door. At this stage I only want to do 1 day per week, this may change if the demand is there. So I'm wondering if by some chance someone has/knows of a small room that I could rent 1 day per week - thinking maybe someone who uses the space for something else but might not occupy it all 5 weekdays? Or maybe someone with an extra room that isn't getting much love? Please PM if you have anything -super grateful in advance!