digglar 2009-07-28 10:25:57
The Mighty NFC is coming to Hirafu. For all of those that have drank one too many beers this summer, spent one too many rainy days on the couch, the gym classes you have heard about in Niseko town are coming to Hirafu for lunch time. Crossfit is awesome and takes about 20-30 minutes a day and will get you fit in no time. I will lug all this heavy stuff around just so you have no excuses. If you have thought about it, now is the time. If you tried before but let it slide, now is the time. First session tomorrow (Wednesday) - this whole week free trial. 2,000 yen a month includes Niseko town sessions as well- a ridiculous deal. Give it a month and see where it takes you. nisekofc@gmail.com or 080 1349 6523.
digglar (2009-07-29 12:24:28)
12:30 -1- open time

so no one has an excuse