JAmosConsultancy 2010-09-11 16:42:29
Very disappointed to turn up at today's cycle week event today and be told it was cancelled, as happened to me at the 2008 NCW. Reason? No leader!!! NPB - Why do you bother to put in all that work, organizing dozens of events during the week and pulling in several sponsors and then cancel a Saturday afternoon ride unannounced because of no leader? So much for the guff on your website, "With an extremely strong local road racing community even the best riders will be challenged." This event was advertized as being led by Team Niseko members. What kind of extremely strong local road racing community is it that can't find one cyclist to lead a 2 hour fun group ride on a Saturday afternoon? You have a NBW website but there was no announcement about cancelling today's ride. The last post seems to have been two months ago. People do actually look at the website for information - please use it to tell us what's going on! In fact, a whole 6 cyclists turned up and organized their own ride. Two of those had flown from Australia with bikes especially for Niseko Bicycle Week. "In its third year this event is rapidly cementing itself on the domestic and international cycling calender." Really? Sadly, I think we've got a long way to go.
Pow!!! (2010-09-11 20:13:18)
Not really a shocking turn of events. The guys running the downhill event were saying next year they may run it independent of NCW because what's the point of having NPB do their marketing.
Big_In_Japan (2010-09-12 08:51:11)
Disappointing indeed.
Admin (2010-09-12 12:15:30)
Sounds like a poor start yesterday, but I'm hoping the events will pick up some steam now with the improved weather.

Just pulled this off my Facebook feed:

"Niseko Cycle Week 55k TT around Yotei today. Any takers? Gorgeous day! Register at The Vail @ 13:30. Race starts 14:00."

This gives you an hour plus to get over to The Vail...
Pow!!! (2010-09-12 19:26:08)
the best part of the whole week is going to be the tour de hokkaido second stage that starts and ends in kutchan next saturday. i suggest people clear their schedules for that one. they'll also have time trials for civilians in front of the taiikukan.
Orca (2010-09-12 21:24:20)
Sorry, only me to blame - not the NPB or the organisers.
Was keen to join in the XC race.

Promise to be at Lawson on Tuesday for the 2.30pm start.

And a big thanks to all who are making a huge effort to make Cycle Week work!

Won't let you down again!
kuma (2010-09-13 11:06:53)
NCW is an interesting one - in theory it's great - but unless these things are done right, it can do more harm to the area than good.

Marketing it as "cementing itself on the domestic and international calender" establishes pretty high expectations which it simply can't meet (nor afford to attempt too) ... there's no shame in marketing NCW for what it is; a [b]community[/b] event in a beautiful area for cycling.
Kuri (2010-09-13 12:49:07)
I've only done two NCW events so far this year, but they've both been really good!

Sure there are things that could / should be done better but from what I saw Saturday and Sunday everyone had a good time!
kuma (2010-09-13 13:00:20)
I agree - I've been around for three and always thought they were great fun. But I think the author's point is more about communications and marketing for event...