digglar 2011-02-19 18:24:01
Order now at nisekofc@gmail.com 2000 yen per shirt red on black black on white pink girls sizes too limited run so reserve now- here by Friday.
digglar (2011-02-19 20:04:44)
Not exactly as shown but you get the idea.

[url=/images/tShirt-NisekoLocal-2010-2011.jpg][img size=450]/images/tShirt-NisekoLocal-2010-2011.jpg[/img][/url]
Kuri (2011-02-20 00:10:32)
Sorry Digglar but I kinda don't get the idea... I can't see a link, click thru or image...

Can u throw it up there again for the congenitally stoopid.


Admin (2011-02-20 12:48:29)
nice, save me one for sure