That Chick From Logistics 2010-01-15 23:07:03
If the Olympics ever actually were hosted in Sapporo again, wonder what events Niseko could draw...? Consider it highly unlikely in the next few decades, but I think Japan's recent efforts to draw a summer Olympics were misplaced when they have the world's best snow. Might actually give the local pollys a chance to pull the potatoes out of their arses and start improving the infrastructure using national funds.
digglar (2010-01-16 10:01:32)
have thought that myself

2022 would certainly give the dead shink a shot in the arm....

please oh please let us have curling....
Pow!!! (2010-01-16 17:40:23)
Just think... a sixsome! Only thing I'll be curling is some toes. [img size=583][/img]