digglar 2010-06-22 14:39:21
www.nisekocamp.com Hey Everyone, I REALLY need to do a trial run of the camp programs this summer and want to offer something that the locals kids can take advantage of so I have designed a new plan for the week of August 8-12th. FOR 5,000 YEN, I will run a daytime program for local kids during that week. We will meet at Sunsports each morning at 9 an do the same activities, same learning, art , sports and creative programs as those at the real camp but for a fraction of the costs. I would ask campers to pack a lunch but all other camp fees will be covered. Camp will close around 5-6 each day and I guarantee the kids will have an amazing time. Spots are limited to 16 campers and ages range from 5-15. I really need to get some good images of the camp in action this summer and trial some of the programs, so if you know any families that could use cheap babysitting for the week, I would be much appreciated. Thanks , Derek derek@nisekocamp.com or derek@nisekofc.com
digglar (2010-07-27 12:30:56)
new info above.