roaming 2010-03-09 16:16:18
When is everyone closing up for the season? Ive heard of a few places closing at the end of this month - any dates? Gyu is closing early this year: March 20 Hope you are all enjoying this great 'spring' weather!! powdery and fun! :)
Chishiki (2010-03-11 13:56:07)
Awesome, with all the changes around town, good to see Gyu still going. Thanks for putting up with me after the hockey game by the way! I had to drink off the stink of defeat.

Some other events:
[li]Tomorrow night Apres Bar is having their "Drink the Bar Dry" party.[/li]
[li]Yuki Bar "Last Night Party" is on the 13th from 10pm until LATE.[/li]
[li]Half Note is closing on the 15th, cheap drinks from 6pm I think.[/li]
[li]I'm really waiting on Wild Bill's though... their season enders really put an exclamation point on things.[/li]

Any other parties? Keep us posted!
Go Native (2010-03-11 14:25:18)
I hear there's a party down at a cool little bar in Hakodate on the 20th of this month? :P
A few of us heading down if anyone want to tag along.
Chishiki (2010-03-14 02:51:23)
Funny you mention that, mate...

[url=images/20March2010-PartyAtDekoboko.jpg][img size=450]images/20March2010-PartyAtDekoboko.jpg[/img][/url]
roaming (2010-03-14 12:09:43)
Jam Bar is having a party on the 16th (not a closing party though)! :)