midori 2015-10-03 13:56:41
We are planning to move to Niseko/Kutchan this winter for a longer term with two little children aged 8 and 5. Wondering which school in the area, apart from International school, is supportive to children from overseas. Any info. appreciated! Thanks:) midoringo@hotmail.com
Snowfun (2015-10-08 19:57:09)
Hi, we placed an ad seeking a primary school tutor for our two kids 8 & 10 from late start of Jan to end Feb 2016, to help cover off on some Australian curriculum gaps before they start school back in Australia in March 2016. I would be interested to hear if you come across anyone who may be able to assist us with this that we may not hear from with our ad. Btw we were also considering spending all of 2016 in Niseko and our research suggested the local international school would probably be ok but seems like only a couple of teachers. I also know a gut who is trying to establish a new alternative kids education option in the area but still early days. Thanks and good luck.