That Chick From Logistics 2009-05-27 16:57:01
[quote] Major Changes are planned from April 2010 The Immigration Bureau will be including a check on health insurance enrollment as part of the visa renewal process from April 2010. According to the guidelines posted on the Immigration website, you will be required to present proof of enrollment "social insurance". What exactly does this mean for foreign residents? If you are forced to enroll in the city health insurance scheme will enrollment in the pension scheme also be enforced? Will people be forced to back enroll? Will those that already hold visas that do not need renewal (such as permanent residency) be exempt? Or will proof of enrollment be required for re-entry permits? [/quote] ============================ Hey guys, This is not good news. Having health insurance is, but believe me, the government will plow us on this one. Last month, they visited my flat (on a Sunday!) to tell me that I owed the government 360000 in back insurance. I informed them that: A ) I had never received a health card B ) I went without a lot of health care I would have utilised if I'd had one. I didn't go to dentists or even doctors unless I was dying because I didn't have insurance. Turns out I was accumulating insurance premiums but didn't even have insurance!!! So, I went 18 months without insurance, and now city hall is telling me I owe them for those 18 months, calculated at the rate I got paid at when I was gainfully employed. The condescending nature of the visit ("This is not Australia, this is Japan" - really?!?) followed by the threats to sue me or seize my assets I laughed off at first, because I have nothing they can get their hands on (thank you NAB!), but then realized I'm married and her assets may be at risk as well (not sure about that but obviously a concern). Where am I at now? I guess I need to pay, regardless. I asked them if I could pay over time, they gave me six months. You do the math (its more than my rent). Bottom line: Insurance is great to have, 20000 a month is a fair price for insurance, all employers should provide it from day 1, I should have done my research and enrolled and received my card earlier, BUT if they go after all of us retroactive to shore up their budget so they can pay for their budget deficit, bend over mate... I already am.
digglar (2009-05-27 17:48:55)
Holy shit! wtf? eeeeh?

So let me get this straight- in the half year from when I was roninized by my former employer and left without medical coverage and had to pay a small fortune for dental work and then the subsequent trip to the hospital to beg for painkillers to get me through the night because the dentist hadn`t given me enough of a shot and I paid through the nose for that medicine- they may now try and get me to pay for the insurance I didn`t have?
Can I retroactively deduct those bills then? Can I get raging mad at them if they try to chase me up on this? Because if I can`t do the former, I will certainly do the latter.
That Chick From Logistics (2009-05-27 17:56:40)
Yes, they may try and get you.

They may try and tell you that you actually did have insurance, too bad you were too ignorant to utilise it but you're going to pay for it anyway. That's basically what they told me.

Not sure if you can retroactively deduct those bills. I thought of it, but it would require filing a claim, and possibly admitting that I owe the money? May be inevitable... will keep you posted.

You can get raging mad at them. I did when two blokes in cheap suits showed up in my genkan on a Sunday afternoon, it did not seem to phase them. They are, after all, collectors.

It might have more of an impact if you crush their faces with a blunt object. :evil:
That Chick From Logistics (2009-05-27 18:02:57)
Just gave that link a quick read. Seems that from 1st April 2010 you will need to provide proof of insurance when you apply for your visa.

Maybe you can stay off the radar until then.

Wonder if there's some kind of statute of limitations? I'm considering consulting a lawyer, but doubt it would do me any good. The bureaucrats are the law here...
Shiba Keb (2009-06-10 13:32:42)
I was wondering, if the new regulation starts next April, how did you get caught?