digglar 2009-02-18 20:29:37
its actually called Roy`s Rope , after Roy Hawthorne being the first guy to ollie over the rope that used to be on the cat track back in the day. It would change daily and was an awesome nighter feature leading to the occasional spectacular bail when someone clipped it. Anyways, its Roy`s Rope -or more usually just Roy`s. Dunno where this Rob Roy`s misnomer came from but have heard it enough to warrant a clarification. fyi
BreadMan (2009-02-19 07:49:37)
whats up with all the changes in names of runs, lift names field names etc? Dam annoying if you ask me.. A names a name even if its hard for you to pronounce..
That Chick From Logistics (2009-02-19 12:17:32)
why anybody would name a run after a liam neeson movie... jesus, i had to sit through that blather on a flight once. if Highlander and Braveheart had a butt baby...
Horace (2009-02-19 21:53:04)
Gotta agree the renaming of runs is lame and only causes confusion.Are we still in Japan or what? The Hokkaido-ben used at Higashiyama is equally lame -why would you name runs after food? Let the tourists figure out how to pronounce Japanese and leave some tradition in Niseko.
coach (2009-02-19 22:04:39)
totally agree with Horace, keep some tradition, food names like 'zangi' and 'jagaimo' are a joke...the Hilton is going for the family market tho, they changed those names fast but trying to open up new terrain after 8 years of 'testing' comes awfully slow.
Pow!!! (2009-02-19 22:33:36)
you know you're in Niseko when you cross the [b]St Moritz[/b] bridge, drive by [b]West Canada[/b], and eat at [b]Nathan's Hot Dogs[/b]!
Horace (2009-02-20 12:20:24)
you forgot Paddy McGinty`s and while we`re bithcin what`s with Higashiyama becoming Niseko Village -this is one of the biggest scams out-let`s cash in on using Niseko and rename the whole area Niseko 1 2 3 4 it`ll be easier for tourists to pronounce and we can all optimize our web rankings!
Chishiki (2009-02-20 12:37:18)
Come on now guys. St Moritz is Kutchan's sister city. West Canada is run by authentic Canadians, and Paddy's by an authentic Irishman. Hard to fault any of those name choices. I don't know what's up with Nathan's, maybe its run by an authentic wiener :S

Everybody changing their name to "Niseko Something" is a valid gripe, especially when 90% of the businesses so named are located in Kutchan! Still, Niseko is such a buzzword I can understand the impulse. I'm pretty sure it can make significant difference to the bottom line in the short run. Would be nice to see people build some cool new brands up though.
BreadMan (2009-02-23 16:33:31)
and dont forget moiwa was once a French leper colony....