AJB2009 2011-08-29 23:55:30
Only used 4 times..... I like most people who live and work in Niseko only got out on the mountain 4 times last year. I purchased the full kit however the reality was that 4 times on the mountain was my lot for 2010/11 winter season. My circumstances have some what changed and I am leaving Niseko to go home to the UK and wanting to sell the following gear; Felice Snowboard (158cm) Forum Boots (size 29cm) Bindings Bag The whole lot cost me a little over 50,000 yen in December and I really want to see them go to a good home and to someone who will enjoy them. I will accept 40,000 yen for a quick sale its a real bargin. Please email me if you are interested Andrew birkensh@aol.com