chunkyc 2009-08-17 10:08:37
Hard to believe that summer is nearly over before it began. With the end of Obon we can start counting down the days before the lifts start and we are smothered in powder again. Last year the lifts started on November 22nd. That leaves us 14 weeks. Does anybody else feel cheated out of a sunny season?
Chishiki (2009-08-17 10:34:16)
Dude, we totally got robbed. This is the worst summer I've experienced in Hokkaido since I came here like 8 years ago. Bar none.
Go Native (2009-08-17 14:40:46)
02 and 03 summers weren't that great either. Certainly in the years most of us round eyes have been living in Kutchan/Niseko it has to be one of the worst summers, although the last couple of weeks have been pretty nice.
Still I'm really not a summer person anyway, roll on winter!
Chishiki (2009-08-17 17:34:54)
D*mn synoptic meteorologists! Always ruining everything with data and facts from the historical record.

Time to start up the annual Kutchannel first snow contest...
rangi (2009-08-17 21:39:06)
Bring on the white fluffy flakes!

Anyone think that it will be better than last season because of all the rain we have been having?
Chishiki (2009-08-17 21:42:36)
Go Native will know... he's the Obi Wan of Niseko weather.
Gtrain (2009-08-18 14:50:45)
I have just been thinking the same thing! It's time to organise the ground rules for first snow contest.

1) On Yotei
2) In Village
3) Opening Day

I think I still owe someone a beer from last year. I can't remember who won.
chunkyc (2009-08-18 15:01:20)
For the Braggin' rights----

1) On Youtei: October 15th
2) In VIllage: November 10th
3) Opening Day: November 21st
Chishiki (2009-08-18 15:26:37)
Last year's contest started [url=]here[/url] and ended [url=]here[/url].

It looks like Go Native took home the Mount Youtei trophy, while Jaws42 was closest for the village. Both of these guys are still owed some beer, definitely. Let's schedule the award ceremony now?

My predictions
1) On Youtei: October 31st
2) In Village: November 15th (Same definition of "snow in the village" as last year? Accumulation on patch of grass in front of Abucha?)
3) Opening Day: November 28th
Jaws42 (2009-08-19 00:05:49)

- Village friday 23rd outide abucha 1
- Youtei will be dusted on the 14th, all will melt with sunshine and warmer weather from the 24th.

thats my 2 yens worth for now.
Gtrain (2009-08-20 18:51:09)
I'll throw my hat in the ring....

1) On Yotei: 22nd Oct
2) Village: Nov 12th
3) Opening Day: 23rd Nov

We may have to move this part of the thread to a dedicated one.
Chishiki (2009-08-20 19:33:16)
Good call. Started up a new thread here:
Tristan (2009-08-23 13:08:44)
On Youtei october 6
Abucha november 8
Opening day november 20