digglar 2008-12-15 23:05:38
forgot to post here- be there or be square. meet in front of Apres Bar- earlier is better. Don`t have to be awesome- just lucky nisekofc@gmail.com or 080 1349 6523 Rules ルール 1000 yen buy in-winner takes all! 参加料金¥1000で-優勝者賞金になります Hanazona/Hirafu only-if you are caught, you`re out花園/ひらふのみ。捕まったら終了 No hiding for Hunted物陰に隠れたり No camping out at lifts for Huntersリフト付近での待ち伏せ禁止 Lift lines are O.B.-Snowboards Onlyスノボーダーのみ 初心者大歓迎
legacy (2008-12-15 23:27:39)
How do you bag game? Do you have to push somebody into a tree at full speed or something?
Gtrain (2008-12-18 18:59:32)
How does that all work?
digglar (2008-12-18 21:15:35)
Everyone meets at apres bar- hunted have twenty minute head start. All lifts are in play and three checkpoints must be reached within the 3 hours to keep everyone moving.

After 20 minutes- we come after you. If you are touched - you are out.

At the bottom of the lifts you are safe if you are unstrapped. However at the top- if the hunter can strap in before you- game on.

After the time is up - meet back at Apres. Whoever is still alive- splits the pot. If the hunters get everyone we split the pot.

This is part of world snowboard day- an event that is at 80 resorts around the world this year. Hopefully it goes well and can be an annual thing- so tell a friend.

Game On, bitches!!
Gtrain (2008-12-22 20:51:12)
That sounds cool. I hope you get a good turnout
digglar (2008-12-22 21:03:42)
The hunt was postponed due to bullet proofness. Will redo when the rush is over.