digglar 2009-12-15 17:32:04
fyi and if you work for a management company, fyi to the customers too. 4 stolen already this year- one from the seat right beside the person. possibly a ring due to quickness and stealth with which they were nabbed. All snazzy jackets too- the newer the better it seems. cocksuckers-the sherriff is on a warpath.
taco con queso (2009-12-15 18:03:45)
Dammit, that's lame.
Scared to leave me board while I grab a coffee.
No more leaving cars unlocked either - wish idiots like this wouldn't come to this awesome little place - stay at home losers - you're NOT WELCOME!
allriot (2009-12-15 18:47:39)
Sheriff - you gotta booby trap a jacket - catch em red handed!
Pow!!! (2009-12-16 23:51:57)
I've rigged mine with a snowpulse avalanche airbag. If you see somebody walking around wearing a life raft on their head, please kick them in their face and retrieve my jacket. [img size=164]http://niseko.kutchannel.net/images/fbfiles/images/airbag.jpg[/img]
Horace (2009-12-17 14:38:36)
Aholes- there should be a sting set up to catch these pricks
Gtrain (2009-12-18 00:16:37)
Man, I used to leave my jacket laying around anywhere and you knew it would be there when you needed it. After all, it's Japan right? That sux.

I'll feel sorry (not really) for anyone that gets caught in a pub doing this. They may end up getting what they deserve. It may not be pretty.
Six8ten (2010-01-20 14:21:46)
And the snowboard theives are out there too. One of our guests had a kid's board stolen two days ago. I didn't get all the details, but apparently he left it outside with everyone else's, and his is the only one that was taken (his was also the only non-rental board). I told them to get me a full description of the board and I'd pass on the details, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.

Lock 'em if you got 'em.