digglar 2009-02-26 14:01:13
This may start a hell storm but so be it. THUMBS UP Everyone who helped out. His dad was very grateful and appreciative after the second big sweep and that show of support meant a lot to him. Proud we live in a place where this can still happen. Especially big thanks to Hayley from CR who broke her ankle on the second search. Get Well Soon RDC and Crew Without asking, the boys had meal vouchers for what ever and whenever they needed waiting for the McKays when they got hereand bent over backwards on a moments notice. Legend. HT, WHC SJ et all All those companies that gave staff time off or moved shifts or offered to assist in whatever way they could. The Yakuba and cops The police performed their duties with diligence and professionalism from the get go. Try going to a police station back home and telling the cops your 27 year old buddy isnt back yet from last nights bender at one pm the next day and see the response you get. Props to Suzuki san from the tourist board for going out of pocket to keep those in the koban in hot and cold drinks and snacks . THUMBS DOWN Scott Walker Charged the family full price to stay at Australia house, knowing who they were and why they were coming here. You, sir, are an ass. Can you please just fvck off somewhere else? Powderlife Your guys company has benefited from this tragedy more than any other. That you got too pissed at the darts to blow off the search and fathers speech shows poor form to say the least. with Wazza leaving this week ( yes leaving) the writing is on the wall that big changes are coming to this town. Maybe this is a good time to think about how we want to live in this town and OUR future here. If any wants to discuss this with me, I`m all ears. I`m going riding, D
tdes (2009-02-26 16:42:33)
Thumbs up to you for the hard job of talking to the family and doing the interpreting. I'm sorry I couldn't help during the search.:(
Powderlife (2009-02-26 18:25:38)

As the major media outlet in the Niseko area, we have done a lot of work to provide accurate, unsensational details about this case to the rest of the world. It is clear a very large number of people were interested and concerned, and had very little opportunity to obtain information otherwise. Most police departments covering a case such as this would have had a media liaison officer to allow them to concentrate on their job. We feel we have helped you and the police by fielding daily media enquiries on your behalf.

In addition, Powderlife promoted the search heavily, including on the basis of information that you provided us. On top of that, you have posted a link to one of our articles on your Facebook page to further promote the search activities.

I'm not sure how you think we have benefited from providing this normal service to a reading public. In the circumstances, I'm also extremely disappointed you've chosen to attack us in this way. I can appreciate you are feeling pressured and frustrated, but can see no justification in your lashing out in such an unprofessional manner.

And for the record, the publisher of Powderlife took part in the search with his retriever in what is a very busy and stressful week for us too.

Like everyone else, Powderlife has been most concerned about Scott McKay's disappearance and frustrated at the lack of results to date. We continue to hope for the best possible outcome, and remain ready to continue assisting in any way we can.

Kristian Lund
Powderlife Managing Editor
911S (2009-02-26 21:50:19)
I am pleased to see that Powderlife has responded robustly, but in an extraordinarily mild way, to the self-seeking drivel originally posted in this thread.

I assume Scott Walker is big enough and ugly enough to mount his own response, and I look forward to seeing it.

I have not, for a very long time, seen such a stupid, unnecessary, divisive, attention-seeking rant anywhere, and Niseko was the last place I thought it would come from.

Fortunately, I do not live in the area, but if this sort of "look at me" type crap is what is swilling about in the undercurrents of the local community, then God help everyone there.

From an outsider's perspective, let's look at the Scott Walker allegation. There are several questions to ask:

First, did Mr McKay ask for free accommodation?

Second, did any other accommodation provider offer free accommodation?

Third, if so, did Mr McKay decline it.

Fourth, if no, why did others not make the offer?

And fifth, if no others did, then why pick out Scott Walker for special treatment?

From what I have heard about the McKay family, Mr McKay would be the last person to expect special treatment. I can only imagine his embarrassment if he reads this. I hope he doesn't.

Or is there a hidden agenda here that the rest of us are not aware of? Has Scott Walker committed some unforgiven sin in the past that means he is a fair target? (or cheap shot - take your pick of terminology). I personally prefer the latter.

Coming from someone - according to very reliable sources around Hirafu - whose reputation around the traps late at night does not bear close scrutiny, it is all a bit much to swallow.

I suppose this falls into the category of the bizarre, attention seeking comment that started it all "I suppose this will start a hell storm". But that was the intention wasn't it? To draw attention to ME, ME, ME.

Or is it 'poor me?' Is the author feeling that maybe, despite his apparent close involvement with the case, he didn't get enough media coverage himself? Or is he jealous of coverage that others got? Who knows, but something must have sparked a brain explosion like that.

If he was unhappy, why provide assistance along the way to Powderlife, link their articles, etc., etc.?

I suppose I shouldn't be giving oxygen to self-serving drivel like this myself, but having been a journalist and diplomat - with a fair bit of consular experience, in several countries - in my time, I am aghast at the stupidity of it.

If I was on the receiving end, and in any other place, I think I'd be consulting my lawyers.

I'm NOT going riding. I don't think I'd enjoy it anyway with the nasty taste that this has left in my mouth.

911S (2009-02-26 22:02:34)
Sorry, just me again. I was signing off and noticed the following sentence in the explanatory blurb about Kutchannel:


The Kutchannel tears down the walls that keep the locals apart and injects a breath of unfiltered fresh air into community discourse.


That is a great objective, and I have no doubt the proprietor intended it that way, but if the utter trash I responded to in my post below is an example of that spirit, then something is very dramatically wrong somewhere. The only word I agree with is "unfiltered". That is all too painfully obvious!! Fresh air?? Spare us. I would like to see the author of the cheap shot hatchet job put his hand on his heart, and say he was acting purely within the spirit of this philosophy. But even so, I don't think I could bring myself to believe it.

That's enough from me for one night. I hope a few others might be brave enough to add a few home truths - but when you live in a small community like Hirafu, it is a bit hard to speak your mind I guess.
Nelglenski (2009-02-26 22:38:13)
[quote]And fifth, if no others did, then why pick out Scott Walker for special treatment?[/quote]

[quote] Has Scott Walker committed some unforgiven sin in the past that means he is a fair target?[/quote]

Apparently there is some local legend involving a pack of sled dogs that was cruelly starved to death while chained up in the mountains a few years back......Karma, thy name is Diggler.

I might also point out that Diggler, despite his bluff exterior, is a man who cares deeply for the well being of his fellow human (and dog) and takes his job quite seriously. So he probably has had an emotionally draining week.

Let's not lose sight of the enormous tragedy to the McKay family, and let this matter rest.
911S (2009-02-27 00:02:37)
I cannot comment on something that is alleged to have happened years ago. And I doubt many others in Niseko can either. In my long experience I have come across a lot of myths and legends, and have found many to be baseless.

Whatever the case, I cannot see why some "legend" of the past should have any bearing on the issue facing the community now. I am neither an apologist for, nor a representative of, Mr Walker, but how in god's name can someone - like this "digglar" person - claim to be acting in the interests of Mr McKay's family, and then run off at the mouth (or the keyboard) with totally unwarranted and unsubstantiated connections that only serve to inflame community tensions (but of course, none of those really exist, so they)??? No fair minded and reasonable person could, or should, justify or condone a bunch of unfounded imputations from someone who has not taken the time to think before he mouthed off.
digglar (2009-02-27 08:30:45)
I am sorry if this came off as a self promoting rant- the situation was extremely stressful- I have basically no training in this and was suddenly thrown into a situation where I was translating, taking media enquiries and organizing searches without any idea what I was doing, and made mistakes that I will surely regret.

I have wrote a personal mail to Kristian and I would like to apologize and clarify about my statement regarding Powderlife.

Powderlife did a bang up job with the reporting and getting out news about the searches- I have no objection with that and thank them for their efforts. I was just stunned that powderlife didnt have someone there for the search with his father and that talking with staff afterwards they were so casual about sleeping in.

As for Scott, I stand by what I said. The list of discretions against this town, his staff and his selfish ways is an arm long, and businesses that take and take without giving back has to stop around here. I have spoken to Scott about this personally .

Maybe this will be the impetus for a governing body to be created- the boom times are over and as the easy money dries up the town faces an uncertain future. All one needs to do is look around the abandoned housing estates near Rusutsu to know that none of this is guaranteed and without a community effort this place will struggle. I have a son and think this is the most wonderful place in Japan for him to grow up- safe, full of good people from around the world with that mountain to fill his days and I would like to see it grow and prosper.

I had meant that post to be a positive statement for our town- his friends and family were very grateful for what the town did.

if my coming of as a complete wanker leads to an impetus to make some real changes to how this town is managed and run- then thats all good.

and yep, I`m going riding .
911S (2009-02-27 11:34:28)
From where I stand, that represents a considerable degree of more mature reflection on the damage that stupid comments can cause, and I am happy to let the matter rest here.

I have to say that I do still think there is one unresolved cheap shot there, but that is not my fight.

The point I want to make, and the important lesson to take away from all this, is that neither Kutchannel, nor any other local medium, is any kind of place to take aim at neighbors, to carry on personal vendettas, or anything else that contributes to local social disharmony.

I hope the point is taken, by everyone, and that there won't be a recurrence.
scottskywalker (2009-02-27 11:50:09)
I don't really feel like dignifying what was written about me, totally incorrectly and unfairly, by any sort of comment at all. I agree personal attacks should remain personal, though one serious physical one probably should have been pursued with the police. Right now, I will simply say that the "facts" were wrong. I was asked, from Brisbane, to provide accommodation because of the proximity to the police information centre across the road, and was specifically requested to charge the full rate. I just think it is sad that this became the basis for the cheap shot that other writers have pointed out. I do not intend to comment further.
Admin (2009-02-27 12:31:31)
Admittedly, this is not the first time things have gotten a bit out of hand on The Kutchannel.

Regarding the stunning and maddening disappearance of a guest:
I want to be clear that, per all sources, both [url=http://niseko.kutchannel.net/en/userpanel/profile/userprofile/digglar/]digglar[/url] and [url=http://niseko.kutchannel.net/en/userpanel/profile/userprofile/Powderlife/]Powderlife[/url] have performed their respective duties in an above-and-beyond manner.

The McKay family could not have asked for a better liaison and advocate than Digglar, and I, like the rest of the world, am using Powderlife's website as my primary source of information regarding this mysterious case.

Considering Digglar (needs no introduction) and remembering that the one time I met [url=http://niseko.kutchannel.net/en/userpanel/profile/userprofile/911S/]911S[/url] I shook his hand his man-grip nearly crushed my forearm, I'm of the opinion that the above conversation was best not conducted in person. E-mail would have been more appropriate then this website. Things escalate quickly when they're done in public.

Regarding the other stuff raised in this thread, [url=http://niseko.kutchannel.net/en/userpanel/profile/userprofile/scottskywalker/]scottskywalker[/url] appears to have now had his say. Let's leave it at that.

Every area of this site is actively moderated and edited with the exception of this forum. In this forum, users all have the power to publish whatever they want instantly. Generally speaking, I see the value in that. Sometimes not. Anyways, presumably everybody has now had their say. TOPIC LOCKED.