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come support Niseko in their quest for glory! At the rugby grounds at Yotei no Sato- turn off just before the lights and the soba restaurant. Games start 11 - finals around 2.
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[b]Niseko Touch Rugby 2009[/b]

Sep 29, 2009 

On what can only be described as a spectacular day, the Niseko Powder Pigs Rugby Club set out to try to wrestle the title back from the invading hordes from Sapporo alongside the challengers from all over Hokkaido.

The games, played at Korropokoro fields with an outstanding view of Yotei, were fast and entertaining. The first round saw the mighty Powder Pigs 1 fall to the Pigs 2 while the Sapporo White Fright dispatched the team made of English teachers from around Hokkaido .

The second round was even more intense, as the winners of these matches went on to the finals. Again the Powder Pigs 1 came up short, this time to the Sapporo team again, While the JETS were handled by the PowderPigs 2.
The Final Round[/b]

The Powder Pigs 1 faced the JETS ina battle to avoid the wooden spoon, and thanks to a couple of late recruits, managed to edge out a 5 tries to 2 win.

The stage was then set for the Grand Final. Would the age and experience of the veteran Powder Pigs 2 hold off the young legs and pace of the Sapporo interlopers? Would the trophy finally rest on Niseko ground? Would Craig Miekle`s lungs actually explode during the game? These questions and many more waited to be answered.

The game began quickly , with the PP2 jumping out to a quick lead, thanks to some quick counter play and the quick legs of the young Englishman Mike Robertson and a brilliant intercept by Rett Roylance. The White Fright of Sapporo , lead by the playmaking of Barney Lee and the running of Toby Washer, struck back at the stroke of half time and the game was knotted heading into the second half.

The Sapporo boys jumped out to a quick lead and seemed to have the gavm well in hand until a couple of costly errors and mental mistakes put the game back on level as time expired. Sudden Death overtime!

The pace and intensity of the game was now showing on the faces of the Niseko team and despite a few valiant charges to the line, the gaps finally appeared and Johnny Silieli broke through for the game decider. The wee tanuki returned to his Sapporo home for another long winter while the Niseko teams once again sulked home to lick their wounds and plot their revenge next year.

Big thanks to Niseko Pizza for putting on such a great after match spread, the JET players that travelled from all across Hokkaido , and the fans and family that came out to support on such a perfect day.