digglar 2008-10-28 15:38:08
Since i left last week to come to Sapps to train- its been a non stop barrage of doom and gloom from Ni-sick-o. to wit- cancellations aussie dollar bottoming 12 pm bar shuts more layoffs warm winter predicted companies on the edge of collapse fuck me- any good news out there at all? Hot new chickie babes in town, new flavours of Pringles at Lawsons, anything? Buehler? Buehler?
legacy (2008-10-28 16:24:59)
Sounds like [url=http://kurodakelodge.com/]Black Mountain Lodge[/url] is having a party November 8th in Kurodake if the snow arrives on time (the 15th otherwise). That sounds like good news.

As for Niseko: the snow's coming mate. Put on your headphones and get ready to shred some POW.
Gtrain (2008-10-29 20:40:01)
There will always be good people and good vibes when winter comes around.
If you want some good news, I suppose the kutchannel community is growing, so at least you will have friends with similar interests (and bitches).

But apart from that i have seen the Nickel price plummet, my managed funds disappear and my goal of buying a gentemstick this winter disappear.

There is one universal answer in times like these......beer

I hadn't heard of a warm winter, I thought it would be an average winter (i.e awesome!!!).