Horace 2010-01-06 08:57:57
Has anyone noticed that the drinks at a certain popular bar taste of smokey kiwi fruit and the glasses are a tad toyu oily? Hope that idiot gets his arse whipped hard-lock him up , give him a taste of the Kutchan pen and its potato head crazy inmates. Digglar get your U-stick out and nail em. Other aholes who deserve some -ski/brd thieves-heard they're targeting the shuttles now -jacket pinchin poontangs-if u come to a resort bring your own jackets -Honkies with coin-doesn't buy respect here
allriot (2010-01-06 11:37:17)
right on Horace - I mean wtf is up with people this year? Seems like a bunch a rich kids need to keep themselves amused by pissing everybody else off!

c'mon sheriff and deputy dog can you get your coffee swilling cigarette smoking friends out from in front of the heater to sort these little punks out!
Chishiki (2010-01-06 21:34:17)
Edited 2010-01-07 because I spoke out of turn, I don't personally know this kid. My bad. Lesson learned, hopefully. -Chi
Gtrain (2010-01-07 07:35:10)
[b]Chishiki wrote:[/b]
[quote]he could have frozen to death, the lit kerosene that melted his jacket could have left him with burns covering his entire body, he could have been beaten to death by a mad mob of locals. 3 ways he could have died... and didn't. lucky him.

Imust have missed this. What's this about?
Chishiki (2010-01-07 22:40:23)
Long story short: young man got drunk, got cold, decided to start a camp fire in the snow with some stolen kero, and proceeded to just about burn a building down. The kid and the building are both OK. Awesome.
digglar (2010-01-08 17:40:11)
if you see guys being dicks, groups of underagers out or anyone doing other dumbass shit - call 0136 22 5878 .

if we can get there early we can usualy sort the problem without too much hassle.

as the checks in whistler say - this check made possible by tourism.

even if the tourists are douchebags.
Pow!!! (2010-01-08 19:01:45)
don't discriminate against the tourists
we good local folk should treat them as equals
[video type=youtube]IPC33lIHJPg[/video]