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Where to look for cheap car hire | Forum | Niseko, Hirafu, Kutchan
davelondon 2012-02-29 17:32:33
davelondon (2012-02-29 17:33:52)
Oh, oops - you can get me on: dave (at) davidbrophy (dot) com, or 080 2124 5267
Chishiki (2012-03-01 03:00:26)
you should definitely check out these guys:
Chishiki (2012-03-01 03:01:15)
same guys different site
davelondon (2012-03-01 07:14:55)
Hmmm I'm looking for something a good deal cheaper than that. I was quoted ¥24,000 + ¥6,000 insurance for the whole month, which I was going to go for. Unfortunately the guy is out of the country until mid April so he can't sort it out...
(2012-03-10 15:11:07)
Hi davelondon, I have a second hand Ford which I am about to sell. Do you wish to buy it or still want it on rent. You first tell me your interest and then I will tell you about the car and its cost. Will be waiting for your reply.

[url=http://remodelproducts.com]Kitchen Remodeling[/url]
davelondon (2012-03-10 15:52:25)
Can you email me all the details? Price, car model, age etc. dave (at) davidbrophy (dot) com
Admin (2012-03-10 15:59:27)
sorry davelondon, it looks like a spam account was trolling you (hence the random "kitchen remodeling" link). brandontoth has been banned. best regards, admin