Niseko事業部 2022-09-28 04:26:14
022/23  NISEKO  start hiring at TAMASHII BAR we are trying to accept many people for this season TAMASHII BAR located center of HIrafu JApan borders are opened this year so there will be many guest Let's enjoy the best Japow and hot spring and party salary hourly wage 1100~1500 yen The accommodation fee is free. 5min walk to the lift(Kutchan and NIseko town)  ・accommodation in Hirafu  costs 10,000 yen. Regulation apply  ・No utility charge.Free wifi. No laundry and dry machine charge  Hirafu season lift pass is half price( we check it is available in this season) ・We have an employee discount system(drink is 300 yen. Group restaurant discount will be 20~ 30% ・you can take staff meal when you work work hours:Shift system from 10:00 am to 2:00 am  working days:  2 to 6 days in a week( if you have any requests we will discuss) work place at TAMASHII