nisekoaccommodation 2016-11-09 02:58:09
Job Description Key Responsibilities: The sommelier should go over the wine list with his fellow wait staff and kitchen personnel before service begins Assisting your patrons with their wine selections In charge of purchasing the wines and creating the wine list based on the chef recipes. Handles all wine inventory and management including ordering, stock take and stock control Train the Waiters on the wine list and successful pairings. Skill Set: Having extensive knowledge of wine Have experince matching international and Japanese wine and sake to Japanese food. Present Themselves professionally and confidently to patrons. Able to naturally educate your customers and exhibit a level of expertise. As a wine expert, selling wines to your patrons to improve the restaurants wine profits. A sensitive palette and extraordinary sense of smell as must pair wines based on floral, herbal and fruity notes with ingredients on the menu items. Job Benefits: One free staff meal before or whilst working a full shift Uniforms (must bring your own black pants and black shoes) Recognition for your talents and contribution The opportunity to make a difference to every customer Working in a friendly team environment Staff accommodation to various budgets and locations Access to shared lift passes. Discounts to some resort services and winter activities Employment Period Late November, 2015 to mid / late March, 2016 Work experience 2-3years Salary range Dependent upon experience