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HIRING with FREE ACCOMODATION + FREE LIFT PASS of ALL THE MOUNTAINS. Starting at 1300yen + Free Accomodation + Free Shuttle buss + Free Lift Pass for all the mountains + Free meal Hi there. We are looking for restaurant workers who have high hospitality mind, especially cooks!!!! Here is our way of thinking below... WHAT SETS US APART We layer aromatic flavours and textures to create naturally derived umami from well-balanced and healthy ingredients. Noodles are handcrafted in-house everyday by skilled and highly trained chefs, then gently folded into our signature bowls, topped with steaming broth which is prepared with a reduction of local chicken, dried fish "niboshi" and "katsuobushi", dried konbu seaweed and vegetables, while utilising the natural spring water from the foot of Mount Yotei, located in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Hokkaido. CONNECTING PASSION WITH PURPOSE Our deep respect for the bounty of food and sea is rooted in tradition. Through careful ingredient selection, we reduce food loss and maximise usage, beneficial to both the body and the environment. Partnerships with local growers ensure food that is fresh, nutrient-rich, and nourishing. RAMEN FOR EVERYONE Inspired by the history of our craft, we recognise food is more than a necessity —it’s a way to bring people together. We exchange stories over bowls of ramen, honour differences in dietary lifestyles, and strengthen bonds within our communities. Gathered here or across the globe, we know that simple joys find meaning in our shared connection. If this sounds right to you, let's talk casually. Contact me! → Daisuke, 070-1185-9529 Email: daisuke.uchida@afuri.com