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November to April Contract 
100,000 JPY/Month DUTIES: The Bus Driver is expected to get students to school by 8:25 am and depart with them by 3:40 pm, beginning on the first day of classes and finishing on the last day of classes of this school year. Duties of the Bus Driver include, but are not limited to, the following: maintaining a safe environment for students, both through careful driving and through monitoring of students’ activities on the bus; reporting student misconduct to office personnel; monitoring bus maintenance; informing the Head of School if the bus needs repairs or other maintenance; attending the annual required Sapporo meeting of certified bus mechanics; maintaining a positive rapport with students and parents. Additional driving duties for field trips and other special activities will be required throughout the school year. At least one week’s advance notice of such duties will be given to the driver, and the driver will be reimbursed based on the schedule above. Contact:
 Please mail or bring your resume to Hokkaido International School Niseko school. 
Hokkaido International School Niseko School 
0136-55-5252 If interested, please contact Barry Mernin @