Niseko事業部 2020-10-06 01:08:35
Why don't you work part-time while snowboarding in the center of Niseko Hirafu? We are recruiting again this year at the best place to walk to the ski resort! Tamashii BAR: DJ bar Kobetei: Kobe beef yakiniku specialty store Niseko Sakura: Sushi shabu-shabu Sanroku Jingisukan:  Hokkaido mutton Jingisukan ★ The center of the world-famous ski resort "Niseko"! You can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, hot springs, and save money ♪ Have a fun job in Hirafu, the center of Niseko where international people from all over the world gather! Our store will open for about 4 months, from November to March! (You can work on the same day in preparation for opening. Only few people) It is a short-term work of about 4 months, but the working period can be considered to some extent! Also, if you want to  continue working, you can work in our affiliated stores if you wish. Many of our customers are foreigners, and we aim to be a global and fun casual shop. You don't have to speak English at all! ← It's important here, but it's better if you can have daily conversations ◎ ※※※※ Guidance ※※※※ From the perspective of preventing infection with the new COVID-19, we ask you to take measures against viruses. It will be a new Hokkaido style business, such as staff health management, thorough disinfection, staff wearing masks, etc. In addition, we will hire people who can understand and cooperate with the new rules in dormitory. Since we operate four stores, we will shift to suit the situation of each store. We will not assign only the desired store. Also, please note that unlike the usual year, we cannot guarantee the number of working days, working hours, etc. as desired. Regarding the employment period, if there is a problem in business during the period due to the re-expansion of the new Coronaurus or the snowfall situation, the employment conditions and treatment may change even during the contract. Qualifications / conditions Side business / double work OK English ability unquestioned Inexperienced OK Educational background unquestioned No educational background / Inexperienced OK We will give preferential treatment to those who have worked at restaurants. Those who can speak English as much as daily conversation ◎ Recruitment number / background Speaking of winter resort bytes, "Niseko" We are looking for season staff again this year! In this cosmopolitan land, we are recruiting more than 20 people this term as well! It is a resort part-time job for a limited time from the end of November to the end of March of the following year. There are 4 popular stores that are different from Niseko Hirahu. You will demonstrate your abilities at stores that match your skills. * Work is scheduled to start in late November. Work location Recruitment of 4 stores at the same time! !! Tamashii BAR, Kobe beef yakiniku Kobetei, Niseko Sakura, Niseko Sanroku Jingiskan Hokkaido Kutchan Town Yamada, 170-138 (Nearest stations: Kutchan Station, Hirafu Station) We operate four restaurants in the Niseko Hirahu area. Working hours Limited to spring / summer / winter vacation Shift system Shift system AM10: 00 ~ AM02: 00 (depending on the store where you work) Tamashii BAR 10: 00 ~ 26: 00 Kobetei 13: 00 ~ 23: 00 Sakura 13: 00 ~ 23: 00 Genghis Khan at the foot of the mountain 10: 00 ~ 23: 00 * Work is scheduled to start in late November. Salary Hourly wage 1,000 yen or more (Depending on ability / experience) Holiday vacation Shift system Welfare ◇ Dormitory available (shared room from ¥ 30,000) (with regulations) (all rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi) ◇With meals at work ◇ Group store discount ◇Workers' accident compensation insurance ◇ Transportation expenses are provided (with regulations)
Bec (2020-10-09 10:27:41)
How can I apply for this job? There is no contact information
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Same question as below :) My mail -